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Eleven Hundred Agency

Our Services

We offer a range of services to help you tell your story in a compelling and coordinated way, giving your ideas and innovations the exposure they deserve, and ensuring that your audiences understand what makes you special.


Setting your strategy

We can help you get your story straight, and are adept at taking even the most complex tech and translating its benefits into language that’s impactful, educational, and inspirational. 

More than that, we can steer you through the worlds of earned, owned, and paid media, so you find the most effective combination to reach and engage with your target audiences. 

Whether you’re looking to find new prospects, partners, investors, or employees, or whether you’re looking to redefine your brand, our strategy will be tailor-made to help you reach your business goals.


Media relations

Journalists only ever use a fraction of the pitches and news stories they receive. Our eye for a story, ability to act fast, and established media contacts help us cut through this noise and land top tier, influential media coverage for our clients, in the trades, verticals, business, national, and broadcast media.

From corporate, customer, and product news to rapid response and journalist requests, we’ll make sure your brand and spokespeople are in front of the audiences that matter to you. 



Our team can turn your spokespeople into genuine thought-leaders, building narratives that place them where they deserve to be, at the very forefront of their field. 

Whether we’re securing op eds, podcasts, profiles, or advertorials, we’ll place your evangelists and their ideas centre stage, and we can provide them with media training and coaching to ensure they make the most of every opportunity. 


Turning you into an award winner

There has been an explosion in industry awards over the past few years, but not all are created equal. We’ll help you sort the wheat from the chaff, crafting award-worthy nominations for the most prestigious and credible honours; the awards that will make a difference and get you noticed where it matters. 

Whether it’s awards that recognise your culture, growth, leadership, partnerships, innovation, or customers, we have it covered. 


Content marketing

B2B technology audiences seek out authentic, thought-provoking content; content that’s written by humans for humans, that’s educational and engaging. Our team has turned its vast experience of creating media-grade copy to content marketing, ensuring our clients tell exciting and consistent stories over a variety of marketing channels.

Whether you need fresh content for your blog, powerful case studies, in-depth whitepapers, or ebooks, product brochures, webinar scripts, or email campaigns, we’re set to tell your story. 



Whether you’re arranging your own event or interested in industry trade shows and conferences, we can help you make maximum impact.

We can support you in a variety of ways, including securing speaking slots and panel discussions, creating engaging presentations and talking points, pre-event publicity, on-site media interviews, at-show videos, and more. 


Social campaigns

LinkedIn, X, Instagram, Threads, and Facebook; they can all play a role in promoting your brand. We will help you find the right combination of channel, message, and content, to boost engagement with your existing communities, as well as to reach new audiences.