Forget 2020, it’s all about 2021

By Mike King

What a year this has been. The most positive thing I can say about 2020 is that it is almost over. There is a distinct feeling of head down, get it over with and move on.

As the holiday season approaches, or more accurately, creeps up on us almost unnoticed, I can’t say there is much of a festive atmosphere around. Hardly surprising with Christmas parties confined to Zoom, pubs and bars shut and households unable to mix.

Although none of us can know the details of what 2021 will bring, I’m optimistic it will be better than 2020. With COVID vaccination programmes now underway, the end of the pandemic is at least in sight. Call me crazy, but I’m even hopeful there will be a Brexit deal. After what we’ve all endured this year, things must be on the up.

It will be interesting to see the long term the impact that 2020 has. Those of us who have been working from home throughout have had our eyes opened to the true power of the cloud and the flexibility it brings. There will be significant changes to the dynamics of the typical working week for many, with reduced time commuting and a more flexible working life.

From a purely business perspective, 2020 has been a good year for Eleven Hundred Agency. As we end our third year of trading, we’ve seen a 50% increase in fees in 2020 over 2019 (which, in turn, was double our fees from 2018, our first year) and an expansion of our team.

We are fortunate to be working in the tech industry where our clients - that are involved in areas like broadband, cloud computing, cyber security, digital transformation, e-commerce, online management tools and mobile gaming - have seen increased demand and continued growth.

Clearly, the same can’t be said for many in other industries. My wife included; whose boutique ceased trading a few months ago because of a massive downturn in sales.

All we can hope for as we move into 2021 is strong and steady economic growth, bringing renewed opportunities and prosperity across the entire economy.