Robots to clean up in optical networks

Eleven Hundred Agency has won its first US client, optical networking robotic pioneer Wave2Wave Solution.  The company, that sells to telecoms carriers, labs and data centre operators, provides an automated system for connecting and re-configuring fibre optic cables in optical networks. 

Its approach hugely speeds up a previously labour intensive, manual task and provides a mechanism to extend Software Defined Networking (SDN) into the physical layer.  This means optical networks can be configured in seconds via the click of a mouse instead of in days by sending out an engineer.

Wave2Wave is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California and has recently expanded its staff in EMEA.

Eleven Hundred Agency is working with Wave2Wave to boost its profile in Europe and to educate the market about the power of robots in delivering flexibility and efficiency in optical network connectivity.

Fibre optic networks and robots, what’s not to like?