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PR's changing role in B2B tech

This year has seen the B2B tech industry in rude health. Whether it is blockchain, AI, cybersecurity or one of the other hot areas of B2B tech, there is no doubt that the sector is seeing increased innovation, investment and growth.

With growth and increased activity comes more competition and big challenges for B2B tech firms looking to carve out strong, differentiated positions in the market, gain the attention of potential customers and attract employees with the skills they need.

As B2B tech firms look to meet these challenges the role of PR is gradually changing. We are seeing more companies using PR to help shape and contribute to business success. Even smaller B2B tech firms are increasingly aware that the days of using PR to just blindly promote a company’s activities are behind us.

We’ve been banging on for years about the need for B2B tech firms to invest in developing their brands (in the way that B2C companies seem to intuitively understand). Now, at long last, we’re seeing a real appreciation and understanding in the B2B tech world of the value of having a clear, differentiated position in the marketplace. This is best achieved by aligning content and communications activities with marketing and sales, giving PR a role in helping formulate overall strategic direction.

When we set up Eleven Hundred Agency it was specifically to offer a broader range of services than the conventional press and analyst relations model traditionally associated with B2B tech PR agencies. It looks like our timing couldn’t have been better.