Innovative security start-up signs up

Eleven Hundred Agency has won another new client in the cyber security space, innovative UK start-up Barac.

Barac, a member of the Barclays Accelerator programme powered by Techstars, has solved the growing problem of protecting organisations against malware hidden in encrypted traffic. With more than 70% of corporate traffic now encrypted (a figure that is growing with the use of cloud services and IOT) organisations are increasingly vulnerable to threats hidden in encrypted data streams.

Many CIOs realise that their existing security solutions are unable to detect threats over encrypted channels because they simply can’t see them. Barac’s expertise in AI and behavioural analytics have enabled it to develop a security solution that gives real time protection with visibility into encrypted traffic without the need to decrypt the data. 

Eleven Hundred is working with Barac to highlight the problem and raise the company’s profile as the leading pioneer in protecting organisations against this hidden and growing threat.