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How to get your security story in the UK media

As one of the most accessible areas of technology, with broad appeal to both mainstream and specialist media, cybersecurity has always been a fun and interesting sector for tech PRs.

Over the years, the Eleven Hundred Agency team has gained lots of experience across a wide variety of cybersecurity clients from anti-virus and encryption to biometrics and threat management.

The cybersecurity market is crowded and hugely competitive. It continues to be one of the largest (around $200 billion will be spent of cybersecurity this year) and fastest growing areas of IT as organisations battle against cybercrime and malware. There is constant innovation and a seemingly endless stream of new, innovative start-ups.  This makes it difficult for cybersecurity firms to stand out from their many competitors.

The good news is that there are lots of opportunities for innovative cybersecurity firms to gain exposure and raise their profiles because cybersecurity interests the media. The bad news is that there is a lot of competition for attention.  The days of ‘ambulance chasing’, jumping on the back of stories about the latest computer virus and getting masses of media exposure, are long gone.

For PR campaigns in this area to have impact they have to be creative, innovative and compelling. But what does that mean?

We’ve asked renowned technology journalist Phil Muncaster to give us his thoughts on what makes him sit up and take notice of companies in the cybersecurity space. He has produced a white paper for Eleven Hundred Agency entitled ‘Meet the Press: Five Ways to Get Your Security Story in the UK Media’

If you’d like to receive a copy, drop us a note at contactus@elevenhundredagency.com