Gaming tech firm backs Eleven Hundred Agency

Eleven Hundred Agency has won a new client, Two-Up Digital, an innovative, fast growing digital firm in the online gaming area.  The company designs front end websites and apps as well as running the entire back office technology platforms required to support the rigorous online betting industry.

Formed in February 2017, Two-Up employs 28 people across the UK, Romania and Moldova. The company’s headquarters are in Shoreditch, London at the heart of the UK’s vibrant tech start-up community.  

There are stringent demands placed on the technology that runs online gambling sites - with huge volumes of data to process, fast and frequently moving odds and huge peaks in customer volume around major events.  With its specialised knowledge of the industry and its innovative technology and flexible approach, Two-Up Digital delivers a superior solution to the current offerings from legacy technology providers that underpin many of today’s online gaming sites. 

Eleven Hundred Agency will be promoting Two-Up Digital’s unique position in the industry with content creation and media relations activities.