Eleven Hundred picks up the brief for Bluescape

Silicon Valley-based virtual workspace provider, Bluescape, is the latest fast-growing tech brand to appoint Eleven Hundred Agency to handle its UK and European media relations.

Bluescape creates secure virtual workspaces which enable dispersed teams to work together and collaborate just as if they were in the same room. All content and conversations are shared in the same online space, which can be accessed from any device and at any location.

Some of the world’s most creative industries already rely on Bluescape’s technology to boost their productivity.  For example, a major Hollywood movie studio uses Bluescape to refine storyboards for its latest films, while a well-known footwear designer uses the virtual workspace to help its designers, manufacturers and suppliers work together on the latest shoe designs.

It’s also being used by tech firms to help develop AI programs as well as by US Government departments, to help them work together in the event of emergency situations.

The Eleven Hundred team will play a key role in raising the awareness of Bluescape’s brand as the company increases its operations in Europe.