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Eleven Hundred bags buguroo as a new client

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re now working with Spanish cyber security company, buguroo, helping the start-up raise awareness of its brand as it expands into new markets.

buguroo helps banks tackle the sizeable – and growing – problem of online bank fraud. Today, banking customers across the world want the convenience of being able to bank online or via an app. But this increased convenience comes at a cost, especially for the banks themselves. The easier it is for customers to do business online, the easier it is for fraudsters too and it’s the banks that are left footing the bill when funds are stolen.

buguroo uses deep learning to help banks accurately decide if a criminal, rather than a legitimate customer, is trying to access or open an account. As well as scanning for malware and suspicious login attempts, it also checks the user’s behaviour the whole time they are online, looking for any subtle changes from how they usually behave. If the arc of their mouse or the way they swipe their phone differs from the norm, it could signal that a fraudster has stolen their ID or has hijacked the session part-way through. 

We’ve been helping buguroo since November 2019, shortly after the company secured a round of funding to help it expand into Northern Europe and beyond. You can read all about that on VentureBeat (as well as on many other media sites).

Ever since, we’ve been handling the company’s media relations, helping to position it as a key player in the fintech space as well as explaining the role behavioural biometrics plays in shutting down fraudsters, especially when they are attempting to open new accounts

We’re also helping with awards and content development, including social media, blogs, whitepapers, webinars and more.