Eleven Hundred Agency: The first 100 days

April 11th 2018 will mark the 100th day of Eleven Hundred Agency’s existence, so as the artificial landmark date approaches, I thought I’d follow modern convention and take a look at how we’ve done. 

First off, we’re still here. Not that I doubted that would be the case but as a measure of our success that is a fundamental requirement.

Secondly, we’re growing and our monthly billings have increased each month. It’s a great feeling when each month has record billings (even if we are only three months in). 

We’ve been getting some great results and our clients are happy with what we’ve been delivering (that’s what they tell us) and our approach of providing a range of inter-related PR services with a strong focus on content creation is being well received.

When we launched we set ourselves an informal goal of winning an average of one new client per month. This was based on nothing more than gut feel and previous experience.  Three months in and we’ve just won our fifth client so we are well ahead of plan.

Finally, and most importantly, our team is growing as we focus on providing a top-notch service. One of our former colleagues, Kasia Murphy, who both Claire and myself worked with at Johnson King, has just joined us on a part-time consultancy basis. This gives us more capacity from someone who we know is excellent. 

Of course, it is early days but so far it is definitely so good.