Cybersecurity client win for Eleven Hundred Agency

At Eleven Hundred Agency we are excited to have won a new cybersecurity client, Boston headquartered ObserveIT, a leader in Insider Threat Management.  ObserveIT provides comprehensive visibility into what people – contractors, privileged users and high-risk users – are doing, and empowers security teams to detect insider threats, streamline the investigation process, and prevent the unauthorised transfer of data.

The company has more than 1,800 customers across 87 countries and is looking to continue its impressive growth by expanding in the UK. ObserveIT was looking for a UK PR team to take its story and package it specifically for the UK media – business, tech, channel and vertical sector titles alike. At Eleven Hundred Agency we have a strong track record in helping US-headquartered scale-up businesses, including many in the cybersecurity space, to build their brands in the UK market.

Although ObserveIT operates in the crowded cybersecurity market it has some strong differentiators: a razor-sharp focus on preventing and detecting insider threats and, refreshingly for a cybersecurity firm, a positive tone of voice.

The PR campaign will reflect ObserveIT’s brand values to be confident, supportive, proactive and trustworthy, and will focus on providing constructive advice and insight to UK organisations.