Eleven Hundred Agency

Content is king

Right from the start of Eleven Hundred Agency, one of our key areas of focus has been content generation for our clients.  This has always been part and parcel of any PR agency’s role but the change is how much emphasis is now placed on producing good quality, original written content for publication. 

The digital world has revolutionised journalism, completely changed the economics of publishing and provided many more different ways to reach the same audience.  The demand is for more content – increased frequency of news stories, higher numbers of articles and faster turnaround of expert interviews.  While demand for content has grown, editorial teams have got smaller to the extent that journalists just don’t have the time or resources that they once did. 

Additionally, there is demand from companies to produce their own content for publication over digital and social channels.

As experienced tech PR practitioners (and we’ve been in this business for a long time) our job has always been to take technical information and relate it to the real world, finding compelling stories and angles that bring the technology to life and make it interesting and relevant.   That hasn’t changed.  What has changed is that these days there are far more different ways to publish the story and the need to provide compelling written content is stronger than ever.