Bish bash bosh, we're one year old

There it goes, with little more than a blink of an eye, Eleven Hundred Agency’s first year is over. Twelve months ago, myself and Claire launched the agency and set off on a journey not really knowing where we’d be at the end of our first year but excited at the prospect of building something new. 

Of course, at the start, we set ourselves some basic targets but we were pretty relaxed about our ambitions. At the risk of offending Claire, we’ve both been around a while (albeit in my case a lot longer, obviously). We know the industry, know the challenges we’re likely to face and, from the start, we simply wanted to enjoy ourselves and focus on making Eleven Hundred Agency a good place to work. That is our aim – build a great agency with a strong, supportive team environment.

So far, so good – we’re really enjoying the way Eleven Hundred Agency is taking shape. On our first anniversary, this is where we’ve got to in numbers:

  • Thirteen clients won, across a wide range of innovative start-up and scale-up companies
  • Twelve months of profitable operation since we started trading
  • Five experienced tech PR professionals in a close-knit team delivering high-quality campaigns
  • Four consecutive quarters of steady growth
  • One plan to double in size in year two

We couldn’t be happier with how things have gone in our first year. It’s been great fun, challenging (in a good way) and rewarding to see the agency take shape. A big thanks to our clients and to our Eleven Hundred Agency team for all their hard work and support as we move into our second year. 

Onwards and upwards!