Bad workers don’t have the right tools

One of the first areas we invested in when getting Eleven Hundred Agency up and running was taking out subscriptions to online PR industry tools like a media database and a journalist enquiry service.  Having been in the business for a long time, both myself and Claire have direct experience of many of the tools on the market and we both consider Gorkana to be the best media database (it also happens to be the most expensive) and the Response Source journalist enquiry service as an important tool for any effective PR campaign. 

 As we talk with people working at other PR agencies it amazes me how some of them do not subscribe to any such tools.  How can any PR team provide a top-notch service without access to accurate, up to date media services?  

Some agencies, I’m told, go so far as to spend their time building their own media databases in an attempt to save money.  Penny pinching in the extreme.  I genuinely cannot understand their thinking.  Having access to the most up to date information about which influencers to contact is essential for any PR professional and maintaining an accurate database of media contacts is a tough job, partly because of the number of contacts but also because there is such a high rate of job changes.

Cision, the owners of the Gorkana media database, employs thousands of people who are focused on developing and maintaining their suit of communications industry tools. Of course, they don’t all work on the media database, but even so, how (and why) would any PR agency even attempt to build and maintain their own media database?  A waste of resources and a near impossible task.  Not subscribing to such tools is pure craziness.