At home with Eleven Hundred

Picking an office location is one of the big decisions you need to make when you start a business.

When we founded Eleven Hundred Agency, we were adamant that we needed a permanent base - we really didn't want to be a virtual organisation. Despite monumental advances in technology to support remote working, there's nothing like hanging out with your colleagues face-to-face to instil a bit of team spirit. Never underestimate the value of having lunch with your co-workers. 

But signing up to a long-term office lease (especially here in London) made no financial sense to us. Not only are the rents astronomically high, contracts aren't very flexible and we didn't want to be stuck with a space that was too big to start off with and then, as we grow our team, too small.

Lucky for us, new co-working spaces are opening across the Capital. Offering permanent business addresses, dedicated phone lines, staffed receptions and high-quality meeting rooms, these help start-ups behave like grown-ups from day one. Many have dedicated offices too, so can accommodate you as you build your team.

We looked at a number of spaces, from the very large to the local independents. We picked BDC Works in the Business Design Centre, Islington, because, unlike the super-slick facilities that many of the better known firms offer, it had bags of personality. For us, it was the difference between drinking your coffee in Starbucks or in your really friendly local café - and we prefer the latter.

Ten weeks in, we're very happy members of the BDC Works community, and you can read more about how we spend our days here on its Member Mondays blog